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The Advancement Process

The Metro Jets Hockey Club is entering the 33rd season in 2021-22.  Fresh off the programs 6th straight National Championship Finals Appearance, 2019 UPSHL Season Champions and 2021 Great Lakes division champs for the 7th straight year.  We house 2 Junior A teams in the USPHL Premier, a travel youth Metro Jr. Jets, girls Jr. Jets programs and a Little Jets Learn-To-Play program.  In addition, we offer the MJDP Academy for Players during the season.  The Jets provide more opportunities to develop, play and advance than any other Junior program in the country.  With more than 50 roster spots on the Team, we play in 4 showcases (more than any other team) and over 100 Jr.A games over 2 schedules between the Metro Jets (44 + Playoffs) and MJDP Team (44 + Playoffs).  No other Junior team in the country runs a program with 2 equal level teams competing in the same league under 1 umbrella. The Jets compete in the Great Lakes Division (Premier) and the MJDP Team in the Midwest East Division (Premier). Players get the same coaching, exposure, development and opportunities. 

The Metro Jets Hockey Club prides itself on providing the best platform to develop and advance student athletes. We believe in “The Process” which begins by establishing goals for each player and continues with the education of how to reach them. Players and parents often move towards the path of least opportunity because they were sold to much. Make sure you ask a lot of questions and educate yourself on how to prepare for the next step in your career. We focus on eliminating the concerns and questions by beginning “The Process” immediately. One of the reasons why we succeed every single season at advancing and committing players is because of our platform and staff. We have Managers, Coaches and Staff that have all played or coached at the Pro, College, and Junior ranks (OHL, USHL, NAHL, USPHL). Our network has helped reach opportunities for our players at every Junior Rank (OHL, QMJHL, USHL, NAHL, NCDC) and College (NCAA Dl + Dlll, ACHA Dl + Dlll). It is important to surround yourself with an environment that continues to provide advancement opportunities rather than one that will tell you they can. In the past 6 years alone, the Metro Jets have led USAH in NCDC/NAHL Advancements with more than 30 In Season Call-Ups, Tenders and Jets Players Drafted. RECENT ADVANCEMENTS. We have also seen more than 50 (NCAA + ACHA) commitments during the same 6 year span. 

Some Important Notes:

  1. Don’t be afraid to “Fact Check” teams that are recruiting you.
  2. It is important to ask as many questions as possible to build confidence in your decision.
  3. Don’t sign if they give you a deadline or talk negatively of other organizations.
  4. Don’t sign with a team that has no history of advancing players “during” the season. 
  5. Do you know any prior players from that organization, find out what their experience was like.
  6. Find a place with proven development platforms, not a team that sells you a development platform. 
  7. We encourage interested players and families to ask the same questions to other Jr organizations they ask us.  

The Process

“The Process” is important because we help provide the tools to get in front of these opportunities young players seek. Players will be given guidance, provided the resources and exposure to the best path designed for them.

“The Process” Page is designed to help assist Players, Parents and Coaches with all aspects of becoming a Student Athlete at a College Level. Below is access to the NCAA Clearing Center, Information on NCAA Hockey recruiting, answers to the most common questions and the thinking process of coaches that recruit players. If you are serious about getting a great education and looking to play hockey at the next level this is a very important section to review. Many Colleges and Universities offer Ice Hockey programs whether in the NCAA or in the ACHA. The most important aspect is finding the right fit for you with Education being your first priority.

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