As calendar flips to 2017, Jets players share their unique New Year’s resolutions

FRASER, Mich. – On the verge of the calendar flipping to 2017, many people make New Year’s resolutions to better themselves and get a fresh start in the New Year.

The Metro Jets are no different.

Check out what the players want to see happen in 2017.

Forward Hayden Winch
“I think a few New Year’s resolutions would definitely be to find the aspects of my game to improve on for the second half of the year to benefit my future looking forward. And also to keep the momentum and team’s consistency going to make a hard playoff push.”

Defenseman Trevor Momot
Start listening to (Jake) Gleason more often. I also can’t thank Jason Newel enough for everything he has done for me and showing me the ropes of life.”

Forward Jake Stawinski
“Well, I want to try and be more like Jake Gleason in 2017. Guy is a real role model both on and off the ice. Also, I should probably watch what I eat better.”

Forward Jason Newel
“My resolution is to work hard, keep doing well academically, and to stay undefeated the rest of 2017.”

Defenseman and alternate captain Marc Schwartz
“Just to keep working hard as a team and stay on top of our game.”

Goaltender Nick Barrett
“My New Year’s resolution is to be the best teammate and human being as possible. Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Do what needs to be done in order to go far in life.”

Defenseman Mark Vansaw, Jr.
“My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with my family.”

Forward Chas Distelrath
“Excited to come back from break and keep the train rolling.”

Forward Jake Gleason
“To have Jason Recchia replace Cam Schwartz at center on the third line. Jason Newel can stay because he’s a great guy and an even better friend. For Graham Day that Swede Mathias Tellstrom and Trevor Momot to stop talking about the Premier League (Ibri is old). And also to sign a Federal Hockey League contract.”

Goaltender Jake Gwillim
“I’d say as a team, our resolution would be to grow closer as a group on and off the ice to help continue our success into the second half of the season.”

Goaltender Brian Tallieu
“My New Year’s resolution is to be more consistent on the ice, to stay in shape off the ice and to enjoy the season with the boys and my family.”

Forward Kristian Alafriz
“My New Year’s resolution is to have more of a contribution to the team’s success. Whether it’s getting involved on the stat sheet, better awareness on both sides of the puck, chipping in to do the little things, or maybe blocking a shot or two.”

Forward Chase Sereno
“Make this year the best for my family and keep this streak going into the New Year.”

Forward and captain Graham Day
“As a team, continue playing good, high-quality hockey. Continue having success as a team. Personally, I’d just like to continue working at bettering myself on and off the ice. Both with hockey and anything else I may be doing in life.”

Defenseman and alternate captain Jason Recchia
“My New Year’s resolution is to try and be the best teammate I can be.”

Defenseman Nick Foran
“My New Year’s resolution is to keep showing up to the rink everyday wanting to better myself as a player and my teammates.”

Defenseman Robby Flannery
“My New Year’s resolution is to get better at hockey and read some books.”

Defenseman and alternate captain Dylan Naumovski
“My New Year’s resolution is to finish the year like we finished the first half.”

Goaltender Andrew Kormos
“Just to continue to be a good teammate and continue to help our team win games.”

Forward Louis Boudon
“My resolutions are to win the Silver Cup and stay undefeated, speak better English than any other guy on the team and have my first relationship with an American lady. I also want Momot and Tellstrom to realize that Manchester United is bad this year.”